No Bull Shit Review System

Reviews for this site will be broken down into different sections with its own rating.
A review for any available multiplayer experience.
1.       Multiplayer reviews will be based solely on its experience, replay ability, variety of game types, and overall enjoyment.

A review for any single player experience
1.       Single player reviews will be based solely on its experience, difficulty, replay ability, overall enjoyment, plot, graphics and originality.

A review for the game’s controls.
1.       Games controls reviews will be based on variety of customization, or lay out options, as well as proficiency and accuracy.  Maybe even a count of how many times the reviewer threw their controller against the wall in frustration!

And an overall review for the game.
1.        All of the above reviews will factor into the overall review. (This will be the section where the reviewer gives awesome praise for a game, or rip it a new asshole.)