Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 is arguably the best video game of all time. And now, we get carry this game in our pocket and play whenever we crave it. Can’t get any better than that, right? Wrong. Getting to play it in 3D with our 3DS makes even better!  A lot of Ocarina of Time fans were worried when they heard the news that their beloved Zelda game was going to be on hand held device. All I can say is, worry no more!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

NFL Madden demo

Good news all you Madden heads. EA will be releasing the demo for Madden 12 on August 9th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Players will be able to relive last years NFC title game between the Chicago Bears and the NFL champion Green Bay Packers. I suspect that all serious players will be playing this demo all the way up til it's release on August 30th, just so they can check out/get used to all the new features.

Just a though. I bet those guys over at EA are scrambling updating rosters like crazy because of all the free agent signings and trades in the REAL world!

source: EA

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Free DLC announced for Red Dead Redemption

What's that?  You haven't traded in that copy of Red Dead Redemption yet? Well, then Rockstar wants to reward you for your loyalty. That's right. Today they announced the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack, which will be released this September available for download for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will include new multiplayer maps as well new characters. 

Source: Rockstar

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever DLC announced

You haven't gotten enough multiplayer with the king yet? Well, you are in luck! 2K Games announced that their first set of DLC, Hail to the icons Parody Pack, will hit consoles everywhere this fall! to make it even better, members of the Fist Access Club members. If you just can't wait to get your hands on this DLC and are in the San Fransisco area during the week of August 4th  and 17 or older you can register to play at their studio. Just follow the click here to find out how.

There is a handful of new modes along with new weapons to accompany each of them as well.

New Modes

Freeze Tag: Team battles that require players to freeze and shatter opposing team members.
Hot Potato: This mode is pretty much is who can hold on to the "Babe" the longest.
Hail to the King: Free-for-all but with "Duke Style"
Call of Duke: A play off of Call of Duty, running through urban environments with none other than the those dreaded Noob Toobs! By the way..those are for pussies!

Sandpit: This involves everyone running around as mini Dukes in a sandbox with team bases on each side.

Inferno: A lava filled hellish world with teleporters everywhere and old school 16 bit graphics!

2forts1bridge: Not to sure about this one, but it has to do something with fucking hats, as you can see above and below.

source: 2K Games

Soulcalibur V Gameplay trailer

So you couldn't make it out to San Diego for Comic Con to see new Soulcalibur V stuff huh? Well, you are in some fucking luck my friend! Check out this awesome footage and let the drooling commence!


Battlefield 3 videos give some idea of customization

If you can't get enough Battlefield 3 information or spoilers, we have two new videos you will want to see. Some weapon options and small look at what the game will feel like. Now, remember, these videos are STILL in alpha testing so there are glitches and other things that will seem strange.

One other thing though.  These videos are a bit long, so make sure you use the bathroom and make yourself a snack before you sit down to watch these.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 9 Cyrax and Sector

It's been a while since a new episode was released for Mortal Kombat: Legacy. And that is because Director/Writer/Producer Kevin Tancharoen and company thought it would be a great idea to show the last episode at this years Comic Con. Well, Comic Con has gone and went over the weekend, so now we get to feast our eyes on what Cyrax and Sector have to show us.

Also, Mr. Tancharoen twitted that if we wanted more Mortal Kombat: Legacy, that we should "Like", comment, Tweet, and share Legacy with all of our friends. So, get busy people because I know you all want more!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One,Two, Freddy is coming to Mortal Kombat?

Some players where starting to think that buying the season pass for Mortal Kombat DLC wasn't really worth. Well, now they are the ones that are laughing, because not only did they get Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain, they now get to perform fatalities with none other than Freddy Krueger!  Look for it August 9th. Don't believe me? Check it out below.

source: IGN

Comic Con: EA gives a small taste of Battlefield 3 multiplayer

Today EA thought it would be a wonderful idea to give a small sample of Battlefield 3's multiplayer to those fans who are so fucking tired of playing Bad Company 2 or that other first person shooter that shall not be named. This small look gives a lot of us big hopes and makes that more anxious to get our hands on this game.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Activision's Bobby Kotick blames DJ Hero for Guitar Hero demise

In and interview with Forbes, the asshole himself, Bobby Kotick believes that Activision was so heavily invested in DJ Hero and tried to ram it down the consumers throats, that they neglected Guitar Hero and therefore the franchise went to shit.

Now, in a way he is right. But, he did fail to mention that his company also rammed Guitar Hero games and peripherals down the consumers throats too. Maybe, just maybe, people got tired of seeing and playing new Guitar Hero games with no new updated tech, they just had enough of it.  I think its time that we start think about what his excuse will be once their Call of Duty franchise eventually falls in the gutter.

source: Forbes

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Batman Arkham City collector's edition revealed

Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition Detailed

Another one! another fucking collector's edition! Only good news is this time it's Batman Arkham City. It has some dumb ass dust collecting statue of the man himself, but it does have a sound track, and an animated movie, oh, and some fucking art book.  Numbers are limited so if you really want to waste your money on one of these, you should do it sooner rather than later.

 source: Eurogamer

Monday, July 18, 2011

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary dev video

We all know that 343 Studios isn't dumb enough to fuck with the game play of this game. But some fans are worried about Halo getting trashed visually. I'm pretty sure this video of 343 guys explaining what they did to keep the integrity of this masterpiece will ease those fan's minds.  Just take a look for yourself.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ubisoft reveals "Uplay Passport"

It seems that Ubisoft is the latest game publisher that is tired of GameStop stealing all their new game sales. Ubisoft today, announced that they will be staring the "Uplay Passport", starting with Driver: San Fransisco.  This pass will cost ten bucks for anyone who buys the game used and wants to use it's online features. This isn't much of a surprise, seeing as EA has already started their own program and Sony announced their own version just a few weeks ago. This pass among all the other passes from other companies will have no effect on people who only buy new games, but it will be making those folks who buy their games used, think twice about buying a game used.

It won't be long before every publisher jumps on this band wagon to try and put GameStop's kung fu grip on used game sales to an end. The funny thing is, consumers haven't been griping about these online passes too much yet. Good thing GameStop has a bunch of morons pre-ordering DLC though them!

source: Joystiq

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 is lowering the amout of "hot spots"

In an interview with Kotaku, Infinity Ward's creative strategist Robert Bowling discussed some changes to the multiplayer aspect of the Modern Warfare franchise. The biggest thing he said was they were reducing was the amount of "hot spots" in the maps. By reducing these "hot spots", it will allow intermediate players to enjoy the game more with out having to worry about checking all their corners as much.

Now I love it that Robert was calling them "hot spots", when we all know he is talking about camping spots. I guess he is trying not to offend those mother fuckers that just sit and hide in one spot for ten minutes like a little bitch. Well Mr. Bowling, you are more a man than I sir. 

Robert also explained that in Modern Warfare 2, they made it so players were relying heavily on air strikes or choppers and therefore more and more players would camp sorry, sorry, sit in the "hot spots", slowing down the pace of the game.  With MW3 they are going to try and make the game feel more like Call of Duty 4, which was a more of a run and gun game. However he didn't really get into details about how they are changing the kill streaks up to achieve that goal.

If you want to read the whole interview, you can click right here to get it all.

source: Kotaku

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FREE DLC planned for Ms. Splosion Man

Ms. Splosion Man hit XBLA yesterday and Twisted Pixel is already talking about DLC, and this isn't just regular DLC. It's FREE DLC!  They plan on giving out weekly prizes to players who complete challenges on their leader boards or just give prizes to random players. No word yet on new levels, but who knows, Twisted Pixel loves their fans and are very giving.

If you haven't played or even heard of Splosion Man, you should download that game because it's super fun. And if you have played it, we highly recommend you download Ms. Splosion Man. You won't be disappointed.

source: Eurogamer

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glitchers get to destroy Modern Warfare 3

Infinity Ward is flying a few glitchers out to their studio to find glitches.  And we all know there are probably a shit ton of them seeing as a large chunk of the studio left for Respawn Entrainment which forced Activision to bring in Sledgehammer Games to help get MW3 out for its annual November release.

This whole having glitchers test out the game isn't new for the studio. They have had the same group of guys come out and rip through MW2, but it was only for a few days. But this time they are getting a whole week to find the glitches. This is very good news because only a few days with MW2 didn't help at all. That game was completely fucking broken and at times unbearable to play at all from all the glitchers.

source: CVG
  Via: mapMonkeys

Saints Row: The Third platinum pack announced.

Everyone knows how this site feels about special editions and this one is no different. Hopefully, the last game in this series, Saints Row: The Third (come on, the third? They aren't even trying now) will also have a limited edition, the platinum pack. Inside you will have some dumb ass pre-order pack, the soundtrack to the game, the game itself and a pair of what they call "High Quality" headphones with a vocorder so you and your friends can have phone calls sounding like Peter Frampton.

The best part about this platinum pack, is that it's only $99 and they claim these headphones are high quality. Ha! I bet they fucking suck.  Oh, wait. We don't have to wait to know they suck because they only work for music players and smart phones. They don't even work with Xbox 360 or PS3 voice connections.

Heres the trailer if you want to know what you will be wasting your money on. You'd be better off waiting for GTA 5 in my opinion.  Oh, and someone needs to tell gaming companies to stop using the same fucking Kanye West song for their trailers. Forza did the same thing.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Batman: Arkham City Riddler trailer

It's pretty obvious that everyone who loved Arkham Asylum, loved searching and solving all of those riddles that the Riddler left for Batman. And the folks over at Rocksteady didn't even dream of leaving them out for Arkham City.  Oh, and don't worry, Jim Carey won't be reprising his role.

Mortal Kombat: Rain DLC video

Getting to finally see Rain perform on current consoles is a sight for sore eyes. Rain was way before his time when he premiered on Mortal Kombat 3. Now that technology has finally caught up with his awesomeness, players will be able to destroy fuckers with his torrential onslaught of moves. Rain was my personal favorite character so I'm super pumped that they added him. I mean hell, I even named one of my dogs after this guy, that alone shows how great he is.

 Who would of thought water could hurt so bad?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Its here! The 10 minute E3 demo of BioShock Infinite and it looks great! I do know that there are a lot of people who don't want to see even two seconds of this game. So, for those people DON'T click play! For the rest of us who don't give a shit, do it now! 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Public service announcement

Seeing as today is Bungie Day, seemed like a good idea to post this video about a huge issue gamers have during the summer months. Which stars none other than our favorite ODST gunnery sergeant, Edward Buckland(Nathan Fillion).

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PSN Pass confirmed

So it seems that Sony doesn't like GameStop pushing and pushing people to buy used copies of their games either.  Sony decided to take a page from EA and start putting in one time use codes with all new copies of their games in order to play the game online. EA usually charges $10 for people who buy the used copies but Sony hasn't said anything about price.  This PSN Pass will go in effect with the release of Resistance 3 in September.

Looks to me that GameStop better start pushing more pre-order DLC bull shit!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reivew: Duke Nukem Forever

When anyone does a review for a video game they usually finish the game completely before they make any judgment about said game. Also everyone reviewing games will usually play it on its regular difficulty.  I usually do the same thing, but in the case of Duke Nukem Forever, I could not.  With this game I only managed make it to the second boss fight before I got frustrated with the controls and the wait time it took to reload the check points after I died.  Therefore I played the game on the easiest setting and I’m not even sure if I got half way through before I got totally frustrated. So keep this in mind as I rip this game to shreds.
For anyone who has no clue who Duke Nukem is, he is a cigar smoking, beer chugging, save the world by yourself kind of guy. The previous games in the franchise had Duke saving the world from aliens with over the top action, completely insane weapons, foul language and tasteless comedy. Everything you would want in a game right?  It has been twelve years since the last Duke Nukem game has been out, so everyone was either waiting for this game to fall into the shitter or be like the other games we remember. Well, I think we got both outcomes. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Batman: Arkham City gameplay

Can't wait to see some of the shit that's going on in Arkham City? Then wait now more. Rocksteady was very generous by posting over ten minutes of gameplay that we can look forward too playing October 18th.

Free shit from Sony ends on Sunday

If you are a PlayStation 3 or PSP owner, then you have until this Sunday to download  your two free PS3 games, 2 PSP games, and your 30 days free PlayStation Plus.  I know the selection of games i kind of shitty, but hey, what do you expect from these huge companies that loss your data to hackers and don't tell anyone for a few days?

source: PlayStation Blog