Friday, December 30, 2011

No more avatar guns for Xbox 360

If you don't have a gun for your Xbox 360 avatar yet and want too. You'd better do it before that ball drops in New York. Microsoft is taking down all fire arms of any kind that are available for purchase in the avatar store.  You will be able to keep the ones you currently have you just have to own them before the first of the year.

Microsoft is pulling the weapons because they don't want to glorify weapons that the younger crowd of Xbox Live can see.  I guess we could fight the "Man" about our virtual second amendment rights but they are just dumb ass guns that don't do anything.

I say all however many millions of us should buy a gun and flaunt it so canceling the weapons is just a huge waste of time for Microsoft...Oh, wait. That would give them millions and millions of dollars if we did that. Would that make them arms dealers?

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