Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Microsoft fucks up again!

You know how Microsoft always seems to fuck something up around Christmas or Easter. This year isn't any different. Today the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360 was supposed to go live in the morning sometime. But then we were informed my Major Nelson that it would be delayed a little bit due to some last minute problems.

That's all fine and good if they need to delay it to make sure it goes out seamlessly. Only problem is they maybe should have held it off another day or two. Once they started the role out this evening, people have been having connection issues just to realize that the update was available. Buuut...people have been getting error messages when they accept the update and then once they finally get the fucking thing, the connection issues continue. 

Good job Microsoft. You just had to take the Activision route and push out something that was broken.

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