Monday, December 19, 2011

BioWare Working on long queue wait times for SWTOR

BioWare's Jeff Hickman posted a statement on their community site today, ensuring players that they are working very hard to take care long waiting queues without crashing every player's experience by adding more servers. So if you are currently waiting in line and fuming about it. Take a deep breath, BioWare didn't forget about you.

You have to take into consideration that reports are saying there have been 1.5 million users already and the game doesn't officially come out till tomorrow!  This is the exact reason why they BioWare had an extensive beta testing, early install access and early access to the game. I think that every other publisher out there to take a look at what BioWare is doing right now. This is how you get a few steps ahead of your major problems!

source: SWTOR

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