Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Game of the Year

Most of those other sites that you read have this super crazy fucking formula to figure out what their game of the year is. That’s perfectly fine because those sites have to take in consideration of all the contributors as a whole. So there really isn’t any fair or good way for one site to proclaim their game of the year without contributors or readers getting pissed off with the decision.

This site however, only has one contributor, so who is going to fucking fight with me about game of the year? Not a damn sole! I do have a group of folks that whisper their opinions which I try to take in consideration, but at the end of the day, I don’t really give a flying shit what they think either!

Now it’s time to set the rules for what makes a game the best of the year. Rule number one and the only rule, the game has to be released at retail from January 1st to December 31st. That’s it! So sorry Minecraft you don’t fucking count. click after the break to find out who won!

With that said, No Bull Shit Gaming’s game of the year is none other than Portal 2! It’s not every day a sequel goes out and rapes the shit out of the original but somehow Portal 2 did just that.  This game just flat out makes players remember that it’s just a game and at the same time makes players think (and sometimes get really fucking frustrated). I remember playing through Portal 2 and just not wanting to put it down. There are other games out there that had that same effect but just not to the same level as Portal 2 had.

Not only did it feel so fucking good to finish a test chamber after scratching my head for a few minutes trying to figure it out. The little jokes or jabs the narrating characters threw my way would crack me up. GLaDOS, Wheatly and Cave Johnson gave Portal 2 the light heartedness it really needed to keep things from being a grind. And when GLaDOS had to take form in that dumb ass little potato was just genius, turning my mortal enemy into my wise cracking little sidekick was the icing on the cake. No pun intended.

Portal 2 did just more then add new test chambers or continue on with the story. That wouldn’t have made it game of the year. The new features Valve added with the blue bouncy paint, the orange speed paint and the white paint that allows the player to put a portal anywhere.  They also gave us a change of scenery in the hidden facility where we are introduced to those new features.

Valve went out on a limb with Portal 2 by adding multiplayer because Portal was a great game just as a single player and the thought of them spending too much time developing multiplayer would take away from the single player. That, however was not the case at all with Portal 2. It was like playing two different games for the price of one! Multiplayer in Portal 2 is what every game tries to accomplish but seems to not get perfectly right. It forces players to communicate! Most multiplayer games get by without players talking to each other (or at least talking nicely).   And if you feel like fucking around with your friends, you just shoot your portal gun under their feet and watch them fall into a pit!

There were SOOOOO many great games this year to pick from. Uncharted 3, Zelda: Skyward Sword, Batman: Arkham City, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Super Mario 3D Land, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Hell, even Tiny Tower plus many, many fucking more!  Some will agree and others will disagree that Portal 2 is game of the year, but that’s what makes gaming so damn great. There is a perfect game out there for every single gamer!

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