Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Star Wars the Old Republic logged over a million hours last weekend

If you have a tendency of buying video games that are hugely popular and have multiplayer, then you know that those games usually have lots of server issues (*coughs* Battlefield 3 and COD Elite). It seems that BioWare is trying to avoid that same mistake with its hugely anticipated MMO, Star Wars the Old Republic. BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka confirmed that last weekend alone, SWTOR recorded over 1 million hours logged. That is a fuck load of hours for a beta!

Another way they plan on making sure SWTOR launches smoothly, the game will be limited at first. Greg also noted that they will only be selling copies to a certain amount that won't overload servers. And once they think the servers as stable enough, they will release more copies carefully. That means this game will sell out on the first day at some point, so make sure you have that game pre-ordered!

source: Eurogamer

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