Monday, November 28, 2011

PS Vita memory card prices revealed

Its looking like Sony is taking a page from the Microsoft book by over pricing their fucking memory cards. If you have been following news on the PlayStation Vita, you will know that they have absolutely no built in memory, forcing users to buy memory cards.

Recently GameStop posted prices for these memory cards, starting at $29.99 you can get a 4 GB card, $44.95 for an 8GB, $69.99 for a 16GB and $119.99 for a 32GB. Compared to $5 for a standard 4GB SD card you buy for you cameras and I know what you are saying "But that's an SD card for pictures/videos, Vita is more complex." And I get that, but come the fuck on! This is just raping the consumer because Sony knows we HAVE to buy a memory card for a hand held that costs more then and Xbox 360!

source: CVG

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