Friday, November 4, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 for $1,725?

So Kmart accidentally released copies of MW3 a bit too early. Like with in the last week early. The number released is still a mystery, so don't go running out to Kmart to see if you can score one.

But some of those early copies have been put up on eBay. Some have been pulled down by the eBay watch dogs but one that we know of made it through the cracks. The winning bid was $1,725! Yeah, that's not a typo. Just look below.

I understand that someone might love Call of Duty so much that they would pay a few extra bucks to get it early. But $1,725 is fucking ludicrous! The worst part is this poor sap has to pay the $4 shipping fee! And if you look really close, the auction ended yesterday(Thursday) and the estimated delivery is 3-4 business days. So this guy is going to get the game at the earliest, MONDAY. The game comes out on Tuesday! So that means this dip shit just paid about $1,664 extra to get the game ONE DAY early. What a fucking moron!


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