Friday, November 25, 2011

EA giving Battlefield 1943 to Battlefield 3 PS3 owners

EA decided that they will be giving out download vouchers to all PS3 owners that bought Battlefield 3. The reason is, EA had a class action lawsuit filed against them because during E3 last June, they promised Battlefield 1943 would come with Battlefield 3 exclusively for PlayStation 3. And all of you who own BF3 for the PS3 know that shit didn't happen. Instead PS3 owners were told they get DLC a week before everyone else. Pretty shitty exclusive if you as me.So instead of paying out millions of bucks on this lawsuit, EA has decided to go through with their E3 promise.

For those of you interested in getting your free download of Battlefield 1943 check after the break to get all the details of how and when.

Battlefield 1943 PlayStation 3 vouchers will be available on the following dates via the portal:

  • November 26th, 2011 for Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation Network Sony Europe.
  • December 10th, 2011 for Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation Network Sony America.
  • December 17th, 2011 for Battlefield 3 players on PlayStation Network Sony Asia and Sony Japan.
To download your copy of Battlefield 1943 for the PlayStation 3 please follow the easy steps below.
  1. Activate your Battlefield 3 Online Pass for the PlayStation 3 using the voucher included in the game (see step #5 for additional instructions).
  2. Visit on or after the dates outlined above for your region and log in with your Origin ID and password. Click here if you need help with retrieving your account information.
  3. Select your territory. Note vouchers do not work across regions.
  4. You will then receive a PlayStation 3 voucher for Battlefield 1943.
  5. input your voucher into the PlayStation Network store. Instructions below.
    1. From the XMB (cross media-bar) of the PlayStation 3 connected to a network, choose [account management] under the [PlayStation Network].
    2. From the menu select redeem codes.
    3. Enter voucher and select continue.
    4. Download Battlefield 1943.
source: EA


  1. BF 3Single player does not works becouse in the airfield level is impossible to destroy the escaping vip ( BUG).
    I got many disconnections whit bf3 and origin.
    Origin would not let me login for a whole day telling me” ERROR PASSWORD or EMAIL.
    So I complained hard whit ea support and they ( an idiot called Fernando,1 italian idiot and mafious) suspended my account.
    So I paid in full for this shit of bf 3 but they don’t let me play and don’t fix all problems.
    Ea game is a sh**t company so I gone and bought COD MW3 and I have no problems.

    I’m not an activision collaborator but just a justice to say who working right and fair.
    So I starting cracking ea games and sharing it.
    Check on totternts to get ea games for free.

  2. The problem is an italian man called fernando of ea customer assistence what has suspended accont about my hard complining about bf 3 crashes,black screens and all other bugs what you know.

    So I used an hard language and fernando suspended my account.That's why I stopped buying ea games products and started Activision and ubisoft buying.
    That's all: I started hating ea games by cause fernando and his own actions in suspending my account.

    I today still can't log me in a product (bf 3) what I paid in full.

    I just info you you loosing mioney ( too much becouse I buy several games during the year and expecially in christmas time.

    I am ea customer by 10 years or more and I bought, in the paste, bf2,bf1942,The Sim, Bf Vietnam and more other YOURS products for me and my parents and friends,
    but I will stop becouse your care in italy is terrible:I complained about problems ( terrible problems) of bf 3 and Origin and I get back a suspended account.

    In the paste I thought ea games were a serious company;that's no more my thinking by Fernando's action.

    You should think about customer care people changing.