Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bull Shit Diaries, Entry 6: Sales bragging

Dear Bull Shit Diary,

So Today EA announced that they sold 8 million copies of Battlefield 3 and Activision announced that they sold somewhere like a bazillion (or some number like that) copies of Modern Warfare 3. My question is; why would I as a gamer give two flying fucks how many copies were sold?!

All of these publishers keep releasing their totals of games sold like it fucking matters to us, the gamers. I’m only buying one copy of the game ever, so I don’t care how many they sell. The only people who should give a shit how many get sold are the people working on the game, the publishers and the shareholders. Not US the gamers! If these numbers tell me anything, is that they should make the fucking games cheaper if they are going to sell 20 fucking million copies!

 I don’t know when it became such big a competition to sell more copies then the other guys, as it was to make a good game with lots of replayability. There are so many good games out there that only sell maybe one million over a year or two, and are just as good if not better then these “Mega Games.”

It’s not just publishers that are bragging about their numbers. Microsoft announced yesterday that they sold nearly one million Xbox 360’s over the week of Black Friday.  That’s all fine and fucking dandy but again, it means absolutely jack shit to gamers how many consoles were sold. You don’t see Microsoft counting how many Xbox’s fucking broke in the last 7 years.

Hopefully one day consumers and producers alike won’t worry about how many they can sell and rather worry whether or not their game is just good enough to play, or one of the best games in the history or gaming.

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