Friday, November 18, 2011

Bull Shit Diaries, Entry 5, Cheaters/Glitchers

Dear Bull Shit Diary,

Why do people cheat at video games? Is it because they suck at the game? Do they do it out of boredom? Fuck if I know why they cheat but it sure pisses me and thousands if not millions of other gamers off.  These cheater/glitchers make games suck for the rest of us. Most of the cheaters are found in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo. Well, maybe not most of the cheaters but these are the kind of games that cheating pisses off normal gamers off a lot!

See, it seems that people who have to find “loop holes” in games to get an advantage over other players just means these people suck or are below average players. When someone is hiding under the map or hiding on a roof that no one is supposed to be on, just frustrates and pisses off the regular gamers. Cheaters ruin games for everyone else and if not kept in check, can ruin a franchise for gaming publishers.

If you take the Gears of War franchise for instance, Gears I was an awesome game. But when Gears II came out and without beta testing mind you, the game’s multiplayer was fucking horrible and horrible all the way up till Gears III came out. Players could run at roodie speed and shoot at the same time, jump out of maps, and chainsaw with any weapon and many, many others. Those glitches made Gears II multiplayer UNPLAYABLE.  And all of those glitches pushed fans of the franchise away from purchasing Gears III. Now, I know what you are saying, “but Gears III sold so many fucking copies. How can you say that?” Gears III could have pushed the franchise to a Halo like level for Microsoft, but Gears II made fans skip Gears III it because they were so pissed off.

There are also XP boosters out there. But the only person they are fucking over is themselves. So to all you XP boosters out there, have fun shortening the enjoyment of the game for yourselves. But you, you fucking little cheating pieces of shit. Get a fucking life already! Stop ruining the games for the rest of us. The regular gamers in the world are tired of rage quitting because you fucks suck at these games! The only good that can come out of cheaters/glitchers is if they start working for these game studios to help them fix the glitches that their little testers aren’t finding.   

There does seem to be a glimmer of hope for us honest gamers out there though.  With the latest release of MW3 and Battlefield 3, both studios have been using their ban hammers early after their releases. Battlefield 3 has started banning and wiping stats of those who are cheating and MW3 has started banning those little fucks as well.

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