Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is the follow up game from Rocksteady Studios which brought us Batman: Arkham Asylum. So, if you haven’t yet played Asylum, stop reading this right now and get the first one! For the rest of you Batman lovers, get your batclaws and batarangs ready!

Arkham City takes place just a little bit after the events at Arkham Asylum, again leaving Batman to fight the criminals he put there.  The game starts off with Dr. Hugo Strange throwing Bruce Wayne inside Arkham City after Bruce was advocating shutting down the city which has been a holding facility for Gotham’s criminals. Once inside, Bruce finds out that Strange has an evil plan in store for Gotham.  Instead of leaving like any sane person would, Bruce calls up his trusty butler Alfred to send in the batsuit so Batman can find out what this sinister fuck is planning. To make matters worse, all the super criminals that Batman put there, such as Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Deadshot amongst others, and what Batman game wouldn’t be complete without the Joker.

Arkham City is a lot fucking bigger then Asylum was and is more wide open for exploration and just sailing around the city is pretty fun. The campaign itself can be beating in just about 10 hours, if that’s all you are into. However, if you are a side quest junkie, you will find hours upon hours of little fun things to do. There are side quests for Nighthawk, Deadshot, Victor Zasasz and of course they couldn’t leave out the Riddler’s head scratching missions.

Over course all of this would get boring if Batman didn’t have any upgrades.  As you earn XP from kicking the shit out of generic thugs or finishing missions and finding those cursed little Riddler trophies scattered throughout the city, you can upgrade Batman to your playing style. From the ability to disarm enemies if you like to play it safe or upgrading Batman’s armor if you just want to throw fists with the fuckers.

Other than just Batman’s story in Arkham City, there are a few other characters you can play with. Catwoman has her own little story line that you can play out. She also crosses over into Batman’s story line as well. Also, depending on where and if you pre-ordered Arkham City, you may have the opportunity to play as Batman’s right hand man or right hand boy, the boy wonder Robin.

If playing as sexy ass Catwoman isn’t your cup of tea, you STILL have another option to not trading in your copy so soon. Rocksteady of course couldn’t leave out the Challenge Mode that so many of us rage quit out of frustration, but were so addicted had to finish them.

Now, onto the controls of Arkham City; for you noobs it may take a bit to get used to. They aren’t your traditional controls, but not very hard to get used to once you have spent a few hours with in the game. If you have played Arkham Asylum, you can pick it up and go.

Arkham City is definitely a game that people need to experience. If you loved the first game (if you haven’t, why the fuck did you read this when I told you to go buy Arkham Asylum first) you will fall in love with this time consuming (in a good way) awesome adventure. But the only thing that stops this from being a “Perfect” game is that damn detective mode. Rocksteady has yet to stop me from using it all the time. This mode takes away from the beauty and feeling of the city. It’s just so hard not to keep using detective mode because it makes it so much easier to find enemies. This was my only gripe with Arkham Asylum and I was kind of hoping they would find a way to limit us from using it so much. But other than that, Batman: Arkham City is fucking AWESOME!

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  1. by god the game sucked
    loved the first one
    but this ?bad ending
    terrible confusing retarded plot
    same issues with combat system as the last game
    more annoying riddler rubbish
    they said the game area was bigger and it was..full of building you cant access ever
    so far so pointless
    sold that sucker straight away
    wont be getting the next pale shadow lame cashin
    will stick to playing arkham asylam with its good ending and its plot ,that a person without a phd, can understand