Monday, October 24, 2011

Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 without installing

We already knew that consoles were going to take a graphical hit when compared to the PC, for Battlefield 3. But, Xbox 360 owners are a bit fucked if they don't have enough hard drive space or don't have a hard drive all together. As you can see in the video below, installing makes a HUGE difference.

If you want your Battlefield 3 experience to look like the example on the right side of the video, you need to install the game itself at 7GB and the HD texture pack that takes 1.5 GB, giving you a grand total of 8.5GB that is required.

So good job DICE and EA. It was looking like you were going to give MW3 a run for it's money. But now, I think this may stop people from jumping ship on the Modern Warfare franchise and it may stop people from buying Battlefield 3 and MW3. It really sucks for the people who don't have hard drives because it means if they really really want to play this game, they need to pay the $60 and change for the game and anywhere from $20 for a refurb 20 GB all the way up to $130 for a 250GB.

If you ask me, no game is worth spending extra money to make a game look better on a console it was made for. As you notice I said console. If it's for PC, I would spend hundreds to play Battlefield on it!

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  1. Those aren't shortcomings on DICE's behalf, but rather of the 6 year old hardware their game is being run on. It's like complaining that you can't run a game on your 2006 dell with full graphics and blaming the developers. They could have just made their game to run off a disc, but then it would have looked much shittier. I think it's a positive thing that DICE gives players the option to make their game look better if their hardware can support it. The only reason MW3 won't need a texture install is that it's running on the IW 4.0 engine - the same engine MW2 used.
    As far as the hard drive issue goes, anyone who has a 360 without a hard drive clearly doesn't care too much about gaming to begin with.