Friday, September 2, 2011

More MW3, Elite details and price!

People have been complaining or wondering about what Call of Duty Elite is going to consist of and how much Activision plans to charge. Today at the Call of Duty XP event, Activision's CEO, Hirshberg revealed some of those details. He explained that the program will release with six bonus' to subscribers:

  • 20 pieces of downloadable content, released month to month over the course of a year. This includes all the map packs and all 20 pieces would cost over $60 if bought separately.
  • The ability to level up their clan through competition.
  • Daily and weekly competitions that give out real or virtual prizes.
  • 8X more video sharing than non subscribers.
  • Access to tips on weapons, perks and maps from experts.
  • Elite TV that will be original content for fans of COD.
So there you have it. Finally, we get to see what we will be getting our moneys worth.

Oh, did I forget something?...Ah. That's right. The most important thing! It will be $49.99 a year. Not bad if you play a lot and usually buy all of those $15 map packs.

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