Friday, September 2, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer video and gameplay

Ok, this is all the MW3 news that will be going up today. I think! Activision and Infinity Ward gave us our first look at what the multiplayer for Modern Warfare 3 will look and feel like. They have also tweaked the living shit out of it as well to fix concerns that most of us had with MW2. And that is music to most FPS fans ear's.

 And for those of you who don't care to see this third person shit and want to see what this game will really fucking look like when playing it, check out this domination trailer. Only thing that bugs me about this, is the guy who is updating you with that Pepe Le Pew French accent. Not to put don't any French people out there, but it just sounds weird.


Video 2 source: IGN

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