Friday, September 23, 2011

Halo Reach Preview Program Disc works no más

If you happen to own one of these fuckers pictured above like I do and haven't played it much lately. Then you my friends now have a shiny new coaster for your Mountain Dew. Microsoft announced today that because of an update to Reach, only retail and digital copies of the game will work. The Preview Program copies can't receive that update and there is no easy way to send a new update. So to fix the problem, Microsoft has sent emails to those who took part in the program with a free code to download Reach in Xbox Live Marketplace.

There's only one small, little problem here Microsoft. You make your fucking hard drives so expensive that some people can't afford a 250 GB and don't have the 6.5 GB space available on their hard drives to download it! So how do you plan on helping those people?

I know the game was free to people who got the preview copies. But people like me who were nice enough to give our retail copies to poor friends in need, are now stuck with nothing. Good job on being lazy and not thinking about everyone as a whole there Microsoft.

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