Monday, September 12, 2011

Bull Shit Diaries, entry 4, Redbox campers!

Dear Bull shit diary,

 The other day I went to the Redbox website to see which local box was going to have Dead Island that I could rent for $2. But I found out that there were no boxes within 50 miles of my house. It was last Tuesday meaning the game just came out, so I wasn’t disappointed and I had no problem that I had to wait a few days.

I scrolled down and saw that the game already had 18 reviews. I thought to myself, “How could this be? The game just came out today!” Turns out that they weren’t reviews, but instead a bunch of whiny little fucking bitches complaining that Dead Island wasn’t in a box near them yet either.

Now I have two problems with these butt licking fuck tards. The first; why in the world are they complaining about this in the reviews section? It’s for fucking reviews! Not to cry. If they want to cry then those shit heads need to send emails to Redbox. This isn’t my biggest gripe about these little zombie cock suckers.

The biggest thing that pissed me off about this is that they were bitching that Dead Island wasn’t in a box near them yet! The game literally just fucking came out! Someone has to physically go down to each location and put copies of the game in the box first. And Redbox has only been putting video games in their boxes nationally for a few months, so it’s just getting started.

If these rhinoceros ass lickers really wanted to play this game the day it came out then they should have bought the damn thing on day one instead of crying like little whores that they can’t play it yet. So to those people who are cheap asses that are complaining (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that), stop fucking crying about not getting to rent a game on the day of its release from a box sitting in your local McDonald’s. Go buy the game like everyone else who wants to play it day one!

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