Thursday, September 15, 2011

Battlefield multiplayer explained


Today the DICE guys are finally giving in and spilled the beans on Battlefield 3's multiplayer modes. There are a total of nine maps and five game modes and all the game modes are playable on all of the maps when the game releases, instead of like Battlefield Bad Company 2 did when they slowly added maps to game modes.

Nice that they put this information out there seeing as the beta is hitting sometime very, very soon. This week maybe!  Check out the modes after the break.

Team Deathmatch
24 players, 12v12
pretty self explanatory.(and if you don't know, then click that little "x" in the top right corner of  your screen!)

Squad Deathmatch
16 players, 4 squads of 4
Sames as team deathmatch but 4 teams instead of two.

24 or 32 players
Two even teams, one defending, one attacking M-COM stations. In order to win as the defending team, they receive unlimited lives and must defend their M-COM stations until the attacking team's set lives runs out. For the attacking team must destroy all M-COM stations with a set number of lives in order to win.

Squad Rush
8 players, 4v4
Same goals as Rush, but more intimate trash talking!

24 or 32 players on both console and PC, or 64 players on PC
two even teams fight for position by capturing and hold flags. To win both teams must hold flags to reduce the other teams meter (or ticket) killing enemies also reduces their meter. Once a team's meter has ran down, game over.

When looking for matches, players will also be able to switch whether they want to play with or without vehicals by swtiching to "infantry only" mode. Then there is also the classic hardcore mode for those nut jobs who love not running out of bullets after shooting one person!


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