Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Battlefeild 3 beta frist impressions

Today was finally the day for the Battlefield 3 beta for those who bought that shitty game called Medal of Honor or pre-ordered the digital PC version of Battlefield 3. If you weren't one of those people, don't worry. In two short days it will be your turn to download the beta on the console of your choice. Well, except for Wii. Sorry Wii owners, you should calm down before your vitality sensors go off!

I have started playing the beta on the Xbox 360 and the graphics are about the same or just a little bit better than the Battlefield Bad Company 2. And other than the little glitches that DICE will be fixing, this game feels like I am playing Bad Company 2. The classes all pretty much work the same except the assault class holds the medic supplies now, which is a very welcomed change. I was always tired of having a shitty weapon to defend myself as a medic.

As you know, the only thing in the beta to play is Rush mode on Operation Metro. You start off in a very open park, with plenty of trees and short walls to find cover. This part of the map is good for a mix of sniping and team movement with lots of cover fire. After taking or losing (depends on what team you're on) the first set of objectives the fight moves down into the subway tunnels through where the tunnel has collapsed. This makes it feel like playing a completely different map. The tunnels aren't cramped but there is a lot less path options for players to take. The assaulting team also has to adjust for a quick second when they go from the bright sun light to the dark tunnel when they venture down inside. While in the tunnel there are lots of corners that players will have to check as they work their way through. The defending team has an advantage with only two major entry points to watch. But there isn't much cover in those areas except some derailed subway cars.

After those points are destroyed, the fight moves up into the subway station. This section is pretty much just a cluster fuck of people trying to figure out where they are getting shot from! As the assault class, I found myself getting most of my points in this chunk of map because there were people down all over the place. There are a few cover points on the sides of the station and the middle is mostly open so anyone who rushes through is more than likely going to get taken out.

The last set of objective points take the battle back outside in the street where the fighting begins to go vertical a bit more. There is a building where people can run up a few floors and set up cover fire for either the people defending or the people trying to take the points. There is plenty of walls to hide behind and vehicles in the street to take cover near one of the points. However, you need to be careful if you are running along the outside wall of that tall building. I found out the hard way when a teammate shot a rocket into that building and the rubble created by that blast fell on top of me!

Now, with the Operation Metro map, we don't really get to experience the destructibility of the map that much because their aren't any vehicles to completely demolish buildings to show off the Frostbite 2 engine. If you have the time to get your hands on the beta, I recommend you jump on and get acquainted with the style and controls because this doesn't play like COD. Oh, and sign up for Battlelog after you download the beta so you can check out how you are doing.

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  1. I hope whole BF3 wont be this shitty, with all this terrible camping.. I play the damn game since 1942 and all i hoped for to see in damn beta was good old conquest, not the campfest rush mode, that they made only to drag in CoD players and such. From 100% games played you see 2% end of the map. It maybe have good graphics and all shiny but still the gameplay is total disapointment.