Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Ms. Splosion Man


So it’s hot as fuck outside and there are no new retail video games to play. That’s why they invented Xbox Live Arcade! It just so happens that Ms. Splosion Man came out right before this crazy ass heat wave hit. This game is a direct sequel to their very popular Splosion Man, which takes place right after those evil scientists tricked Splosion Man with a birthday cake and captured him. But those dumb ass scientists accidently bumped into some shit while celebrating their little victory and ended up creating Ms. Splosion Man in the process. And she is fucking pissed!

Like Splosion man. Ms. Splosion Man is no different. You still use your exploiting ability to jump up walls, and through obstacles, killing all the scientists and their equipment along the way. Now, I know you're asking yourself, “Why would I buy this game when I already played Splosion Man?” Well, the folks over at Twisted Pixel added some really cool shit to make you press that buy button. Along with their funny Arnold Schwarzenegger movie reenactments, they added fat scientists women suits so Ms. Splosion Man can sneak passed guards, crazy light zip lines, trampolines and more.

So the controls for this game are just like Splosion Man. Simple. Pressing A,B,X or Y will jump/Splode, analog or D-pad to move and right trigger to kill yourself if you mess up, it's as simple as that. As for difficulty, there is only two. Normal and Hardcore. You only get the hardcore mode after you have finished the single player story. I for one am not trying this game on hardcore, single player was hard and frustrating enough, but very, very satisfying. There will be moments when you are stuck on a spot and after a few tries you think you have it figured out, but then you get stuck on the easiest parts, making you want to lose your fucking mind and rip your living room to shreds. But, you have the most satisfied feeling once you finally beat that part or level.

Ms. Splosion Man also has a very fun multiplayer mode with up to four players and has completely different levels from the single player. If you plan on playing with friends, you’d better be ready to do a lot of communicating or else you will get nowhere. You have to time your jumps, splode off of each other and open doors or turn off lasers for each other. If you don’t have any friends to play this game with, or you don’t want to play with strangers over Xbox Live, Twisted Pixel has put in a mode called Two Girls One Controller, which you can unlock with some credit points that you earn after levels. And no, this isn’t some gross act you would see on the internet. This mode is fucking crazy and a complete mind fuck! You get to play the multiplayer levels by yourself. Yeah, that’s right, all by yourself! Each analog stick controls one character and the trigger buttons make each one splode. I tried this for about two or three minutes, and holy ball slapping shit biscuits!  It is absolutely insane trying to keep them both alive with all this crazy shit coming at you or trying to dodge things! If anyone can finish the entire multiplayer story with this mode, they are a video game legend!
So, if you are tired of playing Black Ops and waiting for October for the onslaught of games coming out over the holiday season. You should really pick of Ms. Splosion Man and give it a good run. Hell, if you haven’t played Splosion Man, you should pick that one up as well. I promise you won’t be pissed for doing so. Well, you will be pissed but in a really good way!    

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