Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bull shit Diaries Entry 3: Jersey Shore Aavtar Items

Dear bullshit diary,

What the fuck is up with this Jersey Shore Avatar clothing?! WHY in the fucking world would anyone think this is a good idea? It’s one thing to buy useless shit for your Xbox Live avatar, but this Jersey Shore shit is just waaaaaay too far! I mean really? Who would buy THIS pile of monkey shit!

Now, really, it is one thing for these little teeny shit headed girls to love this crap, but any self respecting gamer should be shaking their head in disgust when they see this. What does Microsoft take us for anyway? A bunch of gamers who wish they had abs, drink ourselves fucking stupid or tan ourselves so much that we could change our skin color legally? Or, that we are all complete fucking losers who fantasize about being like these sorry excuses for humans? What the fuck were you thinking Microsoft, other than money?
Someone really needs to find that Snookie bitch and do something like my good friend Douglas Quaid would do, ram their fist into her stomach and rip out her god damn spine! AGGGGGGH!

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