Friday, July 15, 2011

Ubisoft reveals "Uplay Passport"

It seems that Ubisoft is the latest game publisher that is tired of GameStop stealing all their new game sales. Ubisoft today, announced that they will be staring the "Uplay Passport", starting with Driver: San Fransisco.  This pass will cost ten bucks for anyone who buys the game used and wants to use it's online features. This isn't much of a surprise, seeing as EA has already started their own program and Sony announced their own version just a few weeks ago. This pass among all the other passes from other companies will have no effect on people who only buy new games, but it will be making those folks who buy their games used, think twice about buying a game used.

It won't be long before every publisher jumps on this band wagon to try and put GameStop's kung fu grip on used game sales to an end. The funny thing is, consumers haven't been griping about these online passes too much yet. Good thing GameStop has a bunch of morons pre-ordering DLC though them!

source: Joystiq

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