Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saints Row: The Third platinum pack announced.

Everyone knows how this site feels about special editions and this one is no different. Hopefully, the last game in this series, Saints Row: The Third (come on, the third? They aren't even trying now) will also have a limited edition, the platinum pack. Inside you will have some dumb ass pre-order pack, the soundtrack to the game, the game itself and a pair of what they call "High Quality" headphones with a vocorder so you and your friends can have phone calls sounding like Peter Frampton.

The best part about this platinum pack, is that it's only $99 and they claim these headphones are high quality. Ha! I bet they fucking suck.  Oh, wait. We don't have to wait to know they suck because they only work for music players and smart phones. They don't even work with Xbox 360 or PS3 voice connections.

Heres the trailer if you want to know what you will be wasting your money on. You'd be better off waiting for GTA 5 in my opinion.  Oh, and someone needs to tell gaming companies to stop using the same fucking Kanye West song for their trailers. Forza did the same thing.

source: Saintsrow.com

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