Thursday, July 14, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 is lowering the amout of "hot spots"

In an interview with Kotaku, Infinity Ward's creative strategist Robert Bowling discussed some changes to the multiplayer aspect of the Modern Warfare franchise. The biggest thing he said was they were reducing was the amount of "hot spots" in the maps. By reducing these "hot spots", it will allow intermediate players to enjoy the game more with out having to worry about checking all their corners as much.

Now I love it that Robert was calling them "hot spots", when we all know he is talking about camping spots. I guess he is trying not to offend those mother fuckers that just sit and hide in one spot for ten minutes like a little bitch. Well Mr. Bowling, you are more a man than I sir. 

Robert also explained that in Modern Warfare 2, they made it so players were relying heavily on air strikes or choppers and therefore more and more players would camp sorry, sorry, sit in the "hot spots", slowing down the pace of the game.  With MW3 they are going to try and make the game feel more like Call of Duty 4, which was a more of a run and gun game. However he didn't really get into details about how they are changing the kill streaks up to achieve that goal.

If you want to read the whole interview, you can click right here to get it all.

source: Kotaku

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