Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rumor, Rumor. Third Black Ops Map Pack details leaked

This site doesn't like to talk about rumors, but today has been a slooooow day. And no one that comes to this site really gives a shit about some douche bag PR guy blasting and threatening the press for giving Duke Nukem Forever bad reviews. Which reminds me. Look for my Duke Nukem Forever review sometime next week.

 So with that out of the way, This very blurry picture shown above is supposedly a GameStop flyer showing off the new Black Ops map pack in a similar way Activision showed off the Escalation Map Pack. 

These maps include Hanger 18 (guessing some huge Megadeth fans over there at Treyarch), Hazard, Drive In, Silo, and a new unannounced zombie map (just like the Escalation pack). In my opinion, this flyer looks to be the real thing, because we all know those losers that work at GameStop(not all of them are losers, just most of them) love to rub in information that they know before other people with real jobs.

source: DigitalWarfare247

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