Monday, June 6, 2011

E3: Sony's NGP is offically the PlayStation Vita

The rumors were swirling around for the last few days about the name of this lovely piece of technology, but Sony made it official today. Say hello the the PlayStation Vita! This little sucker has dual analog sticks, a touch screen, dual shock, six axis motion, dual cameras and a touch pad on the back side!  Oh, and there will be a Wi-Fi version and a 3G Wi-Fi version. Now, when they announced their service partners the crowd let out a bit of a groan when they were told it was AT&T. 

Some of the features the PS Vita will have is online gaming functions, and cloud file sharing with the PS3. Players will also be able to voice chat through headsets as if they were at home playing with friends on their PS3 regardless where they are in the world or what game they are playing.

Sony also claims to have over 80 titles in development now. The games they showed off were not ports of other games, but built for the Vita. They demonstrated an Uncharted game that looked like they were playing it on a PS3. It was complete with touch screen controls for climbing, shooting, and fighting.  There was also Street Fighter x Tekken and will have Cole from inFAMOUS as a playable character!

How much will this bad boy cost you ask? Well, the Wi-Fi version will be $250 and the Wi-Fi 3G will be $300 just in time for the little kids to annoy people with the "I WANT IT, I WANT IT, I WANT IT" trick. Oh wait, That's what I'm going to do.

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