Monday, June 6, 2011

E3: Sony announces affordable 3D gear.

During their press conference this evening Sony announced they want everyone to be able to experience 3D gaming with the PlayStation 3. So, this fall they are putting out a 24 inch 3D PlayStation monitor that not only does 3D, it also allows split screen with out splitting the screen!  While each person plays they will only see their own personal actions on the FULL screen through their 3D glasses! The glasses they have will work with different types of 3D televisions and can be purchased separately for $70. That's a lot cheaper than some pairs that run over $100. 

The glasses and monitor are due out this fall and will also be available in a package deal. This includes the monitor, two sets of glasses, an eight foot HDMI cable and a copy of Resistance 3 for $500!  Now if only I can convince someone that I need this!!

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