Monday, June 13, 2011

Bye Bye. THQ closes Kaos Studios

Today THQ announced that they will be doing what you see above to Kaos Studios. Blowing it up? No, not that drastic but I am sure a few of us wouldn't have minded it so much if all existence of Homefront was disposed of.  But in all seriousness, They are closing the studio and moving current and future Homefront development to THQ Montreal.

Now, I joke about this closing but actual real people are affected by this. No one really wants to see hard working people loss their jobs regardless of how we feel about their games.  THQ is letting all the folks at the studio get first dibs on interviews with their other studios with openings, so its not a complete loss for some of these guys/girls.  Lets just hope that THQ can learn from the mistakes of Homefront instead of looking at how much money this pitiful piece of shit game raked in some how.

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