Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Game of the Year

Most of those other sites that you read have this super crazy fucking formula to figure out what their game of the year is. That’s perfectly fine because those sites have to take in consideration of all the contributors as a whole. So there really isn’t any fair or good way for one site to proclaim their game of the year without contributors or readers getting pissed off with the decision.

This site however, only has one contributor, so who is going to fucking fight with me about game of the year? Not a damn sole! I do have a group of folks that whisper their opinions which I try to take in consideration, but at the end of the day, I don’t really give a flying shit what they think either!

Now it’s time to set the rules for what makes a game the best of the year. Rule number one and the only rule, the game has to be released at retail from January 1st to December 31st. That’s it! So sorry Minecraft you don’t fucking count. click after the break to find out who won!

Friday, December 30, 2011

No more avatar guns for Xbox 360

If you don't have a gun for your Xbox 360 avatar yet and want too. You'd better do it before that ball drops in New York. Microsoft is taking down all fire arms of any kind that are available for purchase in the avatar store.  You will be able to keep the ones you currently have you just have to own them before the first of the year.

Microsoft is pulling the weapons because they don't want to glorify weapons that the younger crowd of Xbox Live can see.  I guess we could fight the "Man" about our virtual second amendment rights but they are just dumb ass guns that don't do anything.

I say all however many millions of us should buy a gun and flaunt it so canceling the weapons is just a huge waste of time for Microsoft...Oh, wait. That would give them millions and millions of dollars if we did that. Would that make them arms dealers?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Snake Skin 3DS coming to Japan

You see this?! Fucking awesome! That is a photo taken by Hideo Kojima of a snake skin styled 3DS.  So far the only thing we know is that will probably be boxed with Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS. And the release date for that is March 8th. Let's only hope that us amerikahito (Americans) that we get something as bad ass as this.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twisted Metal Limited Edition announced


If you are a die hard Twisted Metal fan, which most of us are of course. If you purchase one of the first prints of Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3,  you will be getting a code to download Twisted Metal Black! Now on Valentine's Day we will not only be getting the newest and coolest version of Twisted Metal, we will be getting arguably the greatest Twisted metal game for free!

source: PlayStation Blog

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SWTOR is raking in the hours

Star Wars the Old Republic players have logged over 60 million hours in just under a week! That is a shit ton of hours. EA has also said that Sith Warriors are out numbering Jedi Knights by only about 40,000. The only problem is that servers are taking a beating. So find a less crowed server if you don't want to wait too long to get in.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Guardian is NOT canceled

GameStop got their April Fool's joke done a few months ahead of schedule when they sent out voice messages to all who pre-ordered Last Guardian that it was canceled. They have however issued a statement saying they made a mistake in their message and that they only pulled the pre-orders because there is no firm launch date. So all of you looking forward to Last Guardian don't worry, it did NOT get the axe.

Only problem I have with all of this, is why is GameStop pulling the option to pre-order? They don't usually have a problem taking peoples cash when the first fucking teaser trailer is released for a game and no release date in sight!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Call of Duy Modern Warfare DLC coming January for Elite subscribers

I don't know about you PS3 owners or people who don't have the Elite subscription, but people who do have Elite for Xbox 360 will be getting the first batch of DLC for MW3 on the 24th of January!  And as we all know, you Elite members don't have to shell out an extra dime!  Pictured above is a screen of a new map called "Park".

For the rest of you who don't have Elite, get ready to bust out your wallets cause it's probably going to be $15 for you folks. And no word yet on when the DLC will hit PS3 and non subscribers. And FYI, if you plan to buy all the DLC for MW3, BUY ELITE! It's worth the cost just for all the DLC.

source: Joystiq

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Devil May Cry HD collection release date annoucned

April 3, 2012. That is the day all of you Devil May Cry fans will start pulling out all of your hair! DMC HD collection will be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 for the low, low price of $39.99. And of course, there will be achievements and trophies for all three of the games.

Monday, December 19, 2011

BioWare Working on long queue wait times for SWTOR

BioWare's Jeff Hickman posted a statement on their community site today, ensuring players that they are working very hard to take care long waiting queues without crashing every player's experience by adding more servers. So if you are currently waiting in line and fuming about it. Take a deep breath, BioWare didn't forget about you.

You have to take into consideration that reports are saying there have been 1.5 million users already and the game doesn't officially come out till tomorrow!  This is the exact reason why they BioWare had an extensive beta testing, early install access and early access to the game. I think that every other publisher out there to take a look at what BioWare is doing right now. This is how you get a few steps ahead of your major problems!

source: SWTOR

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is this Metal Gear Soild 5 or something else?

This screen above was posted on Twitter by Hideo Kojima himself, showing off what it is he is working on seeing as he passed off Metal Gear Rising: Revengance to a whole different studio.  What ever this is, we know that it's the FOX engine that Kojima was showing off during E3.

I for one am hoping, hoping that this is Metal Gear 5 because I am so bummed out that Rising is going in a completely different direction and time frame.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ninja Gaiden 3 release date announced

Not only did Tecmo Koei give us a release date for Ninja Gaiden 3 they are also going to throw in a four-character Dead or Alive 5 demo just for pre-ordering. Well you could get the collector's edition if you like buying dust collectors. You will have to get it from GameStop or EB because they are the only ones carrying the waste of money.

Oh, did I forget something? Yeah, that's right, the release date! March 20, 2012!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sorcery for PS3 Move releasing this spring.

Remember that little demo way back at E3 2010 of the kid running around blowing and catching evil little bastards away with his magical powers? Yeah, Sorcery is actually still alive! This Sony Move game was really the only game that Sony showed off in 2010 that had my interest in Move. The best news, other then that Sorcery isn't dead, is that it will be out this spring!

source: PlayStation Blog

Monday, December 12, 2011

DiRT Showdown announced

Would you like to see what Gran Turismo on crack looks like? Just play a DiRT game! Codemasters revealed their newest game today. DiRT Showdown, and it seems like it will be giving other racing games a run for their money. They are bringing racing to the dirty players! No rules, no boundaries, the only thing that matters is who crosses that line first. There will be free roaming for freestyle stunts and just plain old joyriding.

Oh, I almost forgot one thing, demolition derby! Now that's taking out some frustration.

source: PlayStation Blog

Sunday, December 11, 2011

VGA: Hitman Absolution

Agent 47 does have a soft spot. First time I think the bad ass bald mamma jamma has went into a building without killing absolutely everyone he came across!

VGA: Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance

We have all been waiting to see what happened to Metal Gear Rising. And yes, it is still coming out.  But they changed the title up a bit, Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance. This trailer is way the fuck over the top, and I for one am not really sure how to take it. Seems pretty Devil May Cry'ish on crack if you ask me. You can judge for yourself below.

source: Game Trailers

VGA: Ray Rice gets Blitz cover

NFL Blitz Cover Ray Rice

During the VGA tonight fans were asked to vote for who they wanted on the cover of NFL Blitz. And they chose for Ray Rice to become the first cover guy for the resurrected franchise. But is that really good news for Ray? EA now owns the Blitz franchise and as we all know EA also owns the Madden franchise which has a curse of it's own. If you don't believe there is a curse, just ask Maddens latest cover, Peyton Hillis!

Lets hope for Ray that Blitz won't have the same curse.

VGA: Diablo 3

This is some footage that all you Diablo fans have been craving for a really, really, really long fucking time now. The opening scene for Diablo 3 in all it's fucking glory!

source: Game Trailers

Is Joker really spoilling next Batman game?

During his acceptance speech for best video game character, The Joker, flashed a little something call "Batman: Arkham World". Now the man behind the face paint (Mark Hamill, AKA Luke Skywalker) has announced previously that he was done playing the Joker after Arkham City. Guess only time will tell right?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

VGA: Alan Wake: American Nightmare

Apparently, the with the terrible sales the first Alan Wake game got because it went up against the likes of Red Dead Redemption and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. It did however get a shit ton a reviews regardless of it's Terrence and Phillip voice syncing. This time around the American Nightmare will be coming to Xbox Live Arcade which should lower the cost and up the sales!

source: Game Trailers

Darksiders 2 teaser

If you happen to DVR the VGA tonight, then you may have missed this little gem while fast fowarding through the commercials.

VGA: Rainbow Six: Patriots

Rainbow Six: Patriots seems to be taking this shit to a whole new level here! It appears that Ubisoft wants to really push the envelope in order to keep up with the Jones'. Who are the Jones' you ask? Call of Duty and Battlefield or course.

source: Game Trailers

VGA: Command & Conquer: Generals 2

Bioware wasn't satisfied with just showing off some nutty Mass Effect 3 footage. They also thought it was a very good idea to show off some new Command & Conquer: Generals 2! I know there are a lot of you who are still not milking the fuck out of Star Craft 2 but this may freshen things up for you.

VGA: Mass Effect 3

Don't worry everyone. Shepard is here to save the fucking galaxy, again. Bioware has gave us something to drool over while we wait impatiently.

source: Game Trailer

VGA: The Last of Us

The Last of Us is the next game from Naughty Dog. I know, Uncharted 3 just came out! They are taking us on their own little journey of survival after an out break. Its not that dark and drab look that we are used to. This game looks beautiful as well as dangerous.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Uh, more Duke Nukem Forever DLC?

If you are one of five people who haven't traded in Duke Nukem Forever yet, you are getting some single player DLC coming your way. 'The Doctor Who Clone Me' takes place in Area 51 where Duke will have new guns to blow the shit out of the new enemies.

With this DLC there will be five new maps those lonely few people who aren't playing BF3 and MW3.

source: 2K Games

Thursday, December 8, 2011

3DS Circle Pad Pro crazy battery life!

If you are planning on buying that circle pad attachment for your 3DS, you will be surprised that one AAA battery will last you 450 hours! 450 hours! That's fucking crazy. So that will be once less extra battery you will be bringing on that long road trip!

source: Andriasang

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Microsoft's Xbox Live phone application out now

Microsoft has released an application for your smart phone so you can keep track of everything Xbox 360, 'My Xbox Live'. I know, I know, there are a few apps that already do this, but this one does all of those things better.

Using their Windows phone interface, 'My Xbox Live' lets you watch the spotlight videos you would see on your regular dashboard at home. It lets you go through your friends lists so you can view their bios and compare games, there is a message area to send and receive messages.  And brand new to your home dashboard, beacon setting. This app will  also allow you to set beacons for games so your friends will know what game you are down to play and when you want to play it. And if you want to fuck around with your avatar you can do that as well.

You can check it out over at Apple here.

Ninja Gaiden 3 to frustrate players March 2012!

Ninja Gaiden fans, you should go out and buy a few extra controllers now because come this coming March, you are going to be breaking them in half! Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi let the news fly at an  event in San Francisco this afternoon that Ninja Gaiden 3 will be out sometime during March of 2012.

Also to bring in semi-casual players (people who don't want to get super pissed off) to the franchise by adding a 'Hero Mode' that will enable automatic blocking so the average player will be able to see what the end of a Ninja Gaiden game looks like. But for those of you who love to torment yourselves and have high blood pressure. Don't worry, this game is going to rape your mind!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Microsoft fucks up again!

You know how Microsoft always seems to fuck something up around Christmas or Easter. This year isn't any different. Today the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360 was supposed to go live in the morning sometime. But then we were informed my Major Nelson that it would be delayed a little bit due to some last minute problems.

That's all fine and good if they need to delay it to make sure it goes out seamlessly. Only problem is they maybe should have held it off another day or two. Once they started the role out this evening, people have been having connection issues just to realize that the update was available. Buuut...people have been getting error messages when they accept the update and then once they finally get the fucking thing, the connection issues continue. 

Good job Microsoft. You just had to take the Activision route and push out something that was broken.

Battlefield 3: Wake Island footage

Anyone who has played Battlefield before knows how good all of these old school/new school maps will be in the Back to Karkand DLC that dropped today for PS3 owners. Now, if you haven't played Battlefield until now, then you are in for some fucking fun! Check it out below.

And for those of you who have BF3 on Xbox 360 and PC, you can just sit back and drool while you wait for the DLC come your way next week.

Monday, December 5, 2011

PlayStation Plus subscribers are getting a shit load for free games tomorrow

Go ahead PlayStation Plus subscribers, rub it in. You guys the same $50 a year that Xbox Live subscribers but when you pay that 50 bucks you actually get free shit!

This month Plus subscribers are getting Tomb Raider: Underworld, Marvel Pinball from PSN and Spyro Year of the Dragon PSone Classic and a bunch of mini games for free too! And because Sony is in a super fucking giving mood, the other two Spyro games, Spyro and Spyro 2 are also thrown in.

PlayStation Plus: December 2011

source: PlayStation Blog

Friday, December 2, 2011

Master Chief and Cortana getting "upgrades" for Halo 4

During an interview with 343 Industries' Halo director Frank O'Connor told CVG that Master Chief will have."some fairly radical modifications to his armour." He also went on to say that some of it will be artistic changes and some of the armour changes are due to the fact that Master Chief has been out in space for a while.

O'Connor went onto say that Master Chief wouldn't be the only one getting upgrades. Because her life span, Cortana was only supposed to last seven years. Adding she how taken in more information then any other AI ever made and which may cause some issues in Halo 4 and beyond.

Personally, I don't give a shit what Master Chief looks like just as long as it's nothing like the characters everyone has been seeing in those Saints Row: The Third commercials. I can't wait to be blasting little grunts and bitch smacking some fucking brutes!

source: CVG

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Call of Duty: The Vet and the Noob, Trash talking

Activions seems to be getting their money's worth when they casted Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill for their "The Vet & the Noob" trailer. This latest entry just shows how Call of Duty noobs think and talk after they get just one kill!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bull Shit Diaries, Entry 6: Sales bragging

Dear Bull Shit Diary,

So Today EA announced that they sold 8 million copies of Battlefield 3 and Activision announced that they sold somewhere like a bazillion (or some number like that) copies of Modern Warfare 3. My question is; why would I as a gamer give two flying fucks how many copies were sold?!

All of these publishers keep releasing their totals of games sold like it fucking matters to us, the gamers. I’m only buying one copy of the game ever, so I don’t care how many they sell. The only people who should give a shit how many get sold are the people working on the game, the publishers and the shareholders. Not US the gamers! If these numbers tell me anything, is that they should make the fucking games cheaper if they are going to sell 20 fucking million copies!

 I don’t know when it became such big a competition to sell more copies then the other guys, as it was to make a good game with lots of replayability. There are so many good games out there that only sell maybe one million over a year or two, and are just as good if not better then these “Mega Games.”

It’s not just publishers that are bragging about their numbers. Microsoft announced yesterday that they sold nearly one million Xbox 360’s over the week of Black Friday.  That’s all fine and fucking dandy but again, it means absolutely jack shit to gamers how many consoles were sold. You don’t see Microsoft counting how many Xbox’s fucking broke in the last 7 years.

Hopefully one day consumers and producers alike won’t worry about how many they can sell and rather worry whether or not their game is just good enough to play, or one of the best games in the history or gaming.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fan made custom Battlefield 3 games

There are some Battlefield fans that just aren't completely satisfied with the multiplayer playlists given to them by Dice. A few guys have made a game mode they like to call "Death Rail" and it consists of a jet running upside down along two pipes and players have to jump over the wings! Yeah, fucking crazy right. Check out the video below to see rules and how to even set this shit up.

Oh, and did you ever want to see what 1000 mines look like going off together in Battlefield 3? Yeah, I do too! The second video shows exactly what happens when people put their heads I mean mines together!

Monday, November 28, 2011

PS Vita memory card prices revealed

Its looking like Sony is taking a page from the Microsoft book by over pricing their fucking memory cards. If you have been following news on the PlayStation Vita, you will know that they have absolutely no built in memory, forcing users to buy memory cards.

Recently GameStop posted prices for these memory cards, starting at $29.99 you can get a 4 GB card, $44.95 for an 8GB, $69.99 for a 16GB and $119.99 for a 32GB. Compared to $5 for a standard 4GB SD card you buy for you cameras and I know what you are saying "But that's an SD card for pictures/videos, Vita is more complex." And I get that, but come the fuck on! This is just raping the consumer because Sony knows we HAVE to buy a memory card for a hand held that costs more then and Xbox 360!

source: CVG

Friday, November 25, 2011

EA giving Battlefield 1943 to Battlefield 3 PS3 owners

EA decided that they will be giving out download vouchers to all PS3 owners that bought Battlefield 3. The reason is, EA had a class action lawsuit filed against them because during E3 last June, they promised Battlefield 1943 would come with Battlefield 3 exclusively for PlayStation 3. And all of you who own BF3 for the PS3 know that shit didn't happen. Instead PS3 owners were told they get DLC a week before everyone else. Pretty shitty exclusive if you as me.So instead of paying out millions of bucks on this lawsuit, EA has decided to go through with their E3 promise.

For those of you interested in getting your free download of Battlefield 1943 check after the break to get all the details of how and when.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FREE! Gears of War 3 “Versus Booster Map Pack” for Thanksgiving

Epic Games really wants to thank all of you who bought Gears of War 3 because tomorrow, November 24, on Thanksgiving they are releasing the "Versus Booster Map Pack" for free!

 It is five maps added to matchmaking, Bulletmarsh and Clocktower from Gears 1. As well as Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive from the “Horde Command Pack.”

So you should go out and show how thankful you are for these maps by ripping through some fuckers with your lancers tomorrow.

source: Epic Games

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spec-Ops:The Line trailer

Don't be confused by the title, because this isn't the DLC for Modern Warfare 3. This is new third person military shooter from 2K Games. As Explained, Spec-Ops: The Line that's takes place in a war torn Dubai and is squad based with the player leading three other characters with their own set of skills. As you will see in the trailer, this is a bit darker then those other shooters that came out a few weeks back.

Let's hope this game is a lot better then that shitty Homefront game.

source: 2K Games

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bull Shit Diaries, Entry 5, Cheaters/Glitchers

Dear Bull Shit Diary,

Why do people cheat at video games? Is it because they suck at the game? Do they do it out of boredom? Fuck if I know why they cheat but it sure pisses me and thousands if not millions of other gamers off.  These cheater/glitchers make games suck for the rest of us. Most of the cheaters are found in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo. Well, maybe not most of the cheaters but these are the kind of games that cheating pisses off normal gamers off a lot!

See, it seems that people who have to find “loop holes” in games to get an advantage over other players just means these people suck or are below average players. When someone is hiding under the map or hiding on a roof that no one is supposed to be on, just frustrates and pisses off the regular gamers. Cheaters ruin games for everyone else and if not kept in check, can ruin a franchise for gaming publishers.

If you take the Gears of War franchise for instance, Gears I was an awesome game. But when Gears II came out and without beta testing mind you, the game’s multiplayer was fucking horrible and horrible all the way up till Gears III came out. Players could run at roodie speed and shoot at the same time, jump out of maps, and chainsaw with any weapon and many, many others. Those glitches made Gears II multiplayer UNPLAYABLE.  And all of those glitches pushed fans of the franchise away from purchasing Gears III. Now, I know what you are saying, “but Gears III sold so many fucking copies. How can you say that?” Gears III could have pushed the franchise to a Halo like level for Microsoft, but Gears II made fans skip Gears III it because they were so pissed off.

There are also XP boosters out there. But the only person they are fucking over is themselves. So to all you XP boosters out there, have fun shortening the enjoyment of the game for yourselves. But you, you fucking little cheating pieces of shit. Get a fucking life already! Stop ruining the games for the rest of us. The regular gamers in the world are tired of rage quitting because you fucks suck at these games! The only good that can come out of cheaters/glitchers is if they start working for these game studios to help them fix the glitches that their little testers aren’t finding.   

There does seem to be a glimmer of hope for us honest gamers out there though.  With the latest release of MW3 and Battlefield 3, both studios have been using their ban hammers early after their releases. Battlefield 3 has started banning and wiping stats of those who are cheating and MW3 has started banning those little fucks as well.

Infinity Ward banning cheaters.

It seems that Infinity Ward isn't fucking around with cheaters. Just like EA, IW has started banning players using exploits or glitches inside Modern Warfare 3. They are also working on a title update to resolve those issues.

Tweeted by Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, they have only banned a bit over 1,600 people, which isn't a lot of people seeing as they have sold millions of copies already. But these 1,600 plus people are the example of what happens when you cheat.

source: @fourzerotwo

Minecraft is offically out!

You know that little game called Minecraft that has been in "open alpha and open beta testings" for a while now? The folks over at Mojang finally launched the finished game at MineCon (yeah a game that wasn't officially out already has a Convention) that's going on in Vegas right now.

If you aren't one of the few million people who already have it, you can pick it up on PC or Mac for $26.95 over at the Minecraft Store.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Max Payne 3 Trailer and details

Rockstar Games released this new Max Payne 3 trailer that shows off some of the cool new action add to the franchise and also explains some of the games features and new technology used. From what I saw, this game just might be a good fucking game! Check it out below.

source: Rockstar Games

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PSN down for maintenance Thursday, November 17

Heads up all you PlayStation 3 guys/girls. PSN will be down for scheduled maintenance tomorrow for a really, really long time! 8am-10pm PST!

During the maintenance, the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PSP won't work. PlayStation Network Account Management and PlayStation Network Account Registration will also be offline. There will be a slight chance that some people will be able to play online. That means all of you COD players out there should be crossing your fingers that you are some of the lucky few.

See, this is one of the many reasons as to why everyone should have and Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3!

source: PlayStation Blog

Star Wars the Old Republic logged over a million hours last weekend

If you have a tendency of buying video games that are hugely popular and have multiplayer, then you know that those games usually have lots of server issues (*coughs* Battlefield 3 and COD Elite). It seems that BioWare is trying to avoid that same mistake with its hugely anticipated MMO, Star Wars the Old Republic. BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka confirmed that last weekend alone, SWTOR recorded over 1 million hours logged. That is a fuck load of hours for a beta!

Another way they plan on making sure SWTOR launches smoothly, the game will be limited at first. Greg also noted that they will only be selling copies to a certain amount that won't overload servers. And once they think the servers as stable enough, they will release more copies carefully. That means this game will sell out on the first day at some point, so make sure you have that game pre-ordered!

source: Eurogamer

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jurassic Park: The Game hits PSN today!

Ready to run from a T-Rex or try and out wit a Velociraptor? I sure a fuck hope so! Jurassic Park: The Game hit virtual shelves today on PSN and if any of you purchased a one year subscription to PlayStation Plus between November 1-8, you get the game for free!

Check out the video from the developers, where they show off the game and it's features.

source: PlayStation Blog

Monday, November 14, 2011

Assassin's Creed: Revelations launch trailer

I know you are busy playing MW3 and or Battlefield 3. But there is another video game that comes out tomorrow that you might want to break up the monotony of those first person shooters that you just shoot the shit out of everything.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations hits shelves tomorrow and so now you can sneak around and kill all those bad guys and if you get caught, you can just run across the rooftop till your enemies fall on their faces.

EA banning Battlefield 3 boosters and are just getting warmed up

EA has informed the Twitter world that they have started banning players in Battlefield 3 that are exploiting the game. Most of the bitches cheating are boosting their XP using methods like the one below. Now, I am showing you this, but I'm suggesting that you DO NOT do this or anything like it because you will probably get banned.

EA has banned hundreds of players and that number is sure to grow into the thousands. They are banning players and wiping their stats completely! So think twice before trying this or other exploits like the one above. They are however, also working on a fix that won't allow this to happen at all.

source: Twitter @Battlefield

Friday, November 11, 2011

Xbox Live auto renewal now an option

Have you ever forgot when your Xbox Live yearly subscription is supposed to renew and  you don't have the cash in your account? Yeah, I have had that problem too.

Well, now you can turn off that pesky fucking auto renewal! no more over draft fees from the back!

Just go to, sign in, My account and then click where it says "Change" were you see auto renewal.